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A set of macros to improve usage of Vim + Cream as a LaTeX editor.


The features of Vim: syntax highlighting, spellchecking, high level of configurability, and many many interesting things.

The features of Cream: simple interface, easy entrance to Vim for newcomers.

+ some more things for easy work with LaTeX files (toolbar, menu, popup menu, error windows, keybindings, autoformatting paragraphs...)

Software needed

Tested with Vim 7.1, Cream 0.41

Other programs:
A TeX package (MikTeX, tetex, TeX-live,...), ctags, lss (Linux), kdvi (Linux), yap (Windows), LaTeX Macros (Windows), Gsview, Acrobat Reader

Illustrations of features:


Toolbar can be customized through Settings: groups of icons can be switched off or on

Added menu items:



`Insert environment' can be done by pressing Tab when writing \begin

Popup menu

In the example the context menu over \eqref{*} also gives list of labels. It works in a similar way over \cite{*}.

This functionality is also provided for Tab key.

List of tags:

LaTeX compilation and error window

Installation and tuning:

  1. It is assumed that Vim and Cream have been installed (usually one also needs to add spelling files to $VIMRUNTIME/spell), along with the software mentioned above in `Software needed'

  2. Put files tex4cream.vim, tune_cream.vim, latex_environments.vim, cream-spell-mod.vim from addons.zip to ~/.cream/addons

  3. Put icons for toolbar (bitmaps.zip) to $VIMRUNTIME/cream/bitmaps

  4. Put .ctags from conf.zip to your home directory


Some notes on files (addons.zip):


main source of additional functionality:


definition of LaTeX environments for `Insert Environment' and `Replace Environment' in LaTeX and popup menu. (One can easily edit this file to make it more suitable for individual style of work and packages in use.)


system dependent definitions of tools for inserting LaTeX commands, viewing dvi, ps, pdf files, conversion of dvi to ps and pdf. (One can easily edit this file to tune for the current program environment.)


tuning Cream:

For users who use Russian language (indeed, it can be redone for other non-latin languages) two more addons can be useful:


introduces langmaps, which allow us to use keybindins (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-A and so on) when Russian keyboard is switched on (at the moment it needs 2 patches of vim: 1 and 2).


some mappings to run autoformat of TeX paragraph at pressing Russian vowels.

Patched files:


It is cream-spell.vim file patched to replace `b:cream_spell' with `g:CREAM_SPELL' (In my opinion it is better when status of spellchecker on or off is global, for all open files, and is remembered between editor's launches).


TeX4Cream is distributed under the GPL License. TeX4Cream is Copyright © 2008 Oleg V. Motygin

Last modified 22/11/2008